Julie Santarossa, LLB


Sexual Assault

What is a Sexual Assault?

A sexual assault essentially has the same definition as an assault but with a sexual component.  It is the intentional application of force to another person in a sexual manner without their consent.  It could mean anything from an allegation of touching another person in a sexual manner to forced sexual intercourse.  We defend all types of sexual assault and related offences including aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement, sexual interference of a minor and sexual exploitation and internet luring.  There are numerous defences to a sexual assault allegation such as consent, mistaken consent and Charter arguments. 

What Should You Expect?

An allegation of sexual assault or a related charge is serious in nature and may carry significant consequences including a possible jail sentence (depending on the severity of the alleged conduct) and registration into the Sexual Offender's List.  An allegation of this nature cannot be taken lightly and must be addressed immediately. 

If you are charged with a sexual offence you should contact our office so we can take the immediate steps your case needs; allowing you to gain some peace of mind while we handle your legal matters.