Julie Santarossa, LLB


Drug Related

What Are Drug Related Offences?

There are many types of drug related offences that we represent including:

  • Possession of drugs;
  • Possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking;
  • Importation of drugs into Canada; and
  • Cultivation, production and manufacture of drugs from marijuana grow-ops to meth labs. 

The severity and potential consequence for a drug related offence depends on the type and quantity of the drug and the nature of its alleged possession.  For example, the possession of a small amount of marijuana may lead to a less severe penalty, but still can result in a criminal conviction.  If you are charged with minor possession of marijuana you may qualify for diversion that would allow you to avoid a criminal conviction, contact our office to see if this applies to your case.  However, the possession, trafficking or importation of cocaine often results in stern penal consequences.  The laws for drug related offences have recently changed to cause for more significant penalties, including lengthy jail sentences, for many types of drug related activity.  It is important to choose a lawyer that has experience dealing with these types of offences. 

What Should You Expect?

Drug related trials can be complex which may involve overcoming search warrants, wiretaps and informants.  A talented lawyer can offer a defence for your particular case, according to your particular circumstances.  A lawyer will question whether the evidence against you was obtained legally.  For example, was the evidence obtained through a search warrant? Or did the police perform an illegal search? 

If you need help with a drug related charge, don’t hesitate to contact our office.